For organisations and businesses operating at scale it can be challenging to understand where you are, even if you know where you would like to be. 

At FEATUR Labs we offer insight sprints as an option for organisations seeking to be radically different. 

What is an 'Insight Sprint'?

An insight sprint is a 2-3 day combination of virtual and on-site activities that combine interviews, observation and employee experience labs. We use the data gathered to identify needs and opportunities, and determine testable solutions an organisation may choose to implement. 

Why use Insight Sprints?

In our experience it is extremely common for organisations to make decisions regarding a solution before fully understanding their current needs and opportunities. A FEATUR Labs insight sprint is a comprehensive and valuable piece of work, delivered by experts, to ensure that all potential needs are uncovered.

We work in close collaboration to provide implementable recommendations and solutions that are bespoke to your organisation. 

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Transformation (noun): a complete change in appearance or character of something so that the thing is improved.

At FEATUR Labs we approach this change as an evolution, taking your organisation from current state into a strategic future founded on the pillars of leadership, people, culture, data, and customer focus. 

We provide everything you need to transform, from learning pathways, coaching and trainings to organisational structure, strategy implementation and metric development.

A great training and learning programme is essential to support business strategy and employee experience.

We provide experience driven, high impact virtual learning courses in:

  • Agile: Foundations, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Leadership, DevOps Integration, Transformation
  • Design Thinking: Foundation, Design Sprints, Empathy, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing
  • Innovation Strategy: Business models, Product Management, Innovation Models, Strategic Leadership, Pitching

In addition to virtual offerings, we are also able to provide classroom certification in Scrum Master and Product Owner (PMS and PPO) and SAFe 5 courses. 

Coaching is a highly effective way for individuals to continue their learning journey, as it provides 121 time to understand and resolve your personal progress. 

We offer two types of coaching for businesses:

  • 121 professional coaching for executives so that you can optimise your performance and tap into your skills effectively. 
  • Coaching for teams undergoing Agile transformation. 

We also understand that it can be difficult to understand where to start when looking for great quality coaching, which is why we’ve made sure that our coaches are available virtually as well as in person.