Bespoke Training

What We Do

At FEATUR Labs we know that there are always new innovations in training concepts, learning and development. That's why we offer to make totally bespoke content to suit your needs.

We’ve worked with a number of clients to generate totally unique, high impact training materials. Our commitment to human centric designs means we approach each opportunity from the perspective of a customer or user, developing your content to suit their needs whilst delivering your ideal outcomes.

How We Can Help:


Increase the reach of your thought leadership and open new channels for readers to engage with and understand your work through virtual learning content. We work closely with authors to develop learning experiences that add incredible value to their body of work.

Higher Education Institutions

Challenge the status quo of standard education by using human centred design to radically understand your students. Build connections between the future of work and course learning while developing exciting new skills and toolsets in your classrooms (virtual or physical). We work to integrate liberal education approaches for students and educators alike.