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Lean & Lean Startup

Lean & Lean Startup Training

Are you working in an existing business that is seeking to maximise value and reduce waste, or a new venture exploring how to make the best possible start? Then the Lean and Lean Startup learning pathway may be the ideal course to follow.
Master your ability to seek out value, measure outcomes and adjust to the market place quickly and flexibly by understanding and experiencing Lean.
At FEATUR Labs we’ve designed this pathway so learners can delve deeply into both the theory and practical application of Lean and Lean Startup. You’ll experiment with developing lean flow within an organisation, design value and outcome driven metrics, understand market place challenges and how to adapt to volatility through interactive learning experiences.
Courses are customised for impact whether you’re new to understanding Lean or have advanced practices that you want to take to the next level.

Lean & Startup Fundamentals

Recommended for anyone starting their learning journey in Lean principles, this course was designed by FEATUR Labs to offer something for everyone. It includes a thorough foundation in the underlying principles of Lean and then accelerates your learning journey through experimentation using flow, value, and rapid feedback cycles to remove waste and refine products and services to meet market place change.
This is an interactive self-guided course with instructor led virtual classrooms to maximise your learning experience. Suitable for anyone, whether just beginning in the topic or at a master level of practice but with a desire to grow your foundational knowledge.