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Coaching and consulting are two very approaches that meet different needs, a consultant will provide you with a solution to a challenge while a coach will help you find the answer for yourself. In simple terms, coaches train you and your teams to become self-sufficient.
We offer fully bespoke workshop and training solutions in addition to our standard offerings. You, or your organisation, can choose to tailor an existing workshop or FEATUR Labs will work closely with your brief to build high impact deliverables.
As an IC Agile member organisation, FEATUR Labs is able to offer a range of Agile training courses and certification within our Agile Fundamentals learning pathway. Our comprehensive approach builds a thorough foundation knowledge in Agile in combination within experiential activities and the opportunity to network with like-minded learners.
So often Business Strategy, Design and Organisational Agility are confined to the classroom of MBA programmes, but no longer. Using our industry expertise and experience in developing award winning MBA learning solutions, FEATUR Labs have designed this learning pathway to capture the most innovative understanding of modern strategy, design and agility to enable you to build better organisations and meet the demands of the Age of Digital.
Unlock your creative potential and problem solving skills through the human centred approach of Design Thinking. This learning pathway is about developing your ability to make better products, services and experiences for your customers and stakeholders. As an individual or as a team, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with both the theory and experiential practices of great Design Thinking.
Innovation has become the number one topic for businesses around the world, with the rise of the Age of Digital and ongoing market disruptors the choice has become innovation or failure. There has never been a better time to prepare yourself, your teams, or your business to unlock your innovation potential.
Are you working in an existing business that is seeking to maximise value and reduce waste, or a new venture exploring how to make the best possible start? Then the Lean and Lean Startup learning pathway may be the ideal course to follow.


At this time we only support courses in English, however if you have a specific need we are happy to hear from you with suggestions.
Yes, please contact us to arrange purchase where you require more than one access.
An accredited course is one written and created by FEATUR Labs that complies with the IC Agile learning outcomes and results in an IC Agile certification, registering those who have completed the course on their qualification path.

A certified course is one written and created by FEATUR Labs results in a FEATUR Labs issued practitioner certification but is not registered with an accrediting body.
Yes, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why us, Credentials

In the Age of Digital our ability to adapt to change and be Agile in how we work, think, and behave has never been more important. Whether you are creating software, physical products, documents, processes, or any other deliverable, Agile thinking can be applied to improve your chances of success.
Our interactive Jungle Scrum workshops, developed by technology and learning professionals at FEATUR Labs, are designed to immerse children, parents and educators alike in the ideal environment to learn skills employed by some of the world’s most successful organisations.
We’ve worked with a number of clients to generate totally unique, high impact training materials.


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