Why Hire A Consultant

In a rapidly changing world, organisations must be able to adapt in order to unlock their full potential and innovate in the market place. High volatility, emerging technologies and industry disruption have become the new normal and business are radically reimagining their futures. However much of the research shows that efforts to adapt and transform are often risky and prone to failure.

Our Consulting Expertise

We have substantial expertise across the following industries:
  • Telecommunications
  • Media and Television
  • Utilities
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Banking
  • Higher Education and Educational Institutions
  • Startups and Emerging Technology
Whether you have an urgent need for solutions to transform or you simply want to stay at the cutting edge of your market place, FEATUR Labs can design a bespoke solution for you.

How To Work With FEATUR Labs

If you or your organisation is ready to learn more about how a FEATUR Labs engagement can create high impact solutions, and deliver valuable outcomes, then please Contact Us. Tell us your known needs and goals now and we’ll arrange the rest.

How does FEATUR Labs provide consulting

At FEATUR Labs our consultants provide the expertise and experience to strategically implement high impact change, flipping the odds in your favour. Using comprehensive insight sprints, we produce human-centric, facts based analysis to identify opportunities in your journey of change.
We evaluate the major value-levers of our client’s organisations across the following factors:
Startup Business Strategy


Your ability to tap into the collective creativity of your organisation to deliver new outcomes or move between product engines.
Startup Business Strategy

Change ecosystem

The system by which change is identified, implemented and measured.
Startup Business Strategy

Learning and Development

The ability of the individuals within your organisation to access essential knowledge for their development.
Startup Business Strategy


Available tools, software and techniques your organisation to underpin and enhance continuous delivery.
Startup Business Strategy

Business Agility

The flow through which an idea becomes a value outcome and disseminates through your organisation.
With this information we are able to design highly collaborative bespoke solutions that bring sustained growth, positive adoption of innovation and agility mindsets and build learning organisations designed for the future.