What do we mean by coaching?

Coaching and consulting are two very approaches that meet different needs, a consultant will provide you with a solution to a challenge while a coach will help you find the answer for yourself. In simple terms, coaches train you to become self-sufficient.

At FEATUR Labs we believe in the power of creating self-sustained development to meet the unique needs and challenges Startups face. For maximum effect we recommend combining workshops with our high quality self-guided learning pathways.

Why coaching?

We’re often asked, “When do I need a coach?” and according to cross industry surveys the results are consistent; always. During periods of growth and success a coach can help you navigate the challenges of Startup expansion. Likewise during market uncertainty a coach can help you become more effective in overcoming adversity and building success.
The most important factor is having a clear understanding of your need. We know our clients have unique and varied experiences, and our approach to coaching is the same. At FEATUR Labs there is no one size fits all approach. Each coaching engagement is bespoke and tailored to your desired outcomes.

In fact, we bring our extensive experience in Agile and Design Thinking techniques to the coaching model by starting with a 360 insight assessment. We’ll uncover needs and opportunities to help you get high impact outcomes.

We work closely to have the best possible impact in your continuous learning journey, and develop a programme of change with innovative outcomes. We’re here to help you.

What about framework specific coaching?

While the term ‘coach’ has become somewhat of a catch-all for anyone providing support for anything from Agile to Innovation, the role of professional coaching to support the mastery journey within a framework cannot be understated.
At FEATUR Labs we combine professional coaching, mentoring and facilitation techniques with expert practice in:
  • Agile (specifically Scrum, Scaled Agile, Agile Transformation and Kanban)
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean and Lean Startup
  • Business Strategy & Innovation
Whether your Startup is taking its first steps in a practice, or looking to improve and refine existing practices, a coach can help accelerate the learning cycle and supercharge your mastery journey.

How do I request a coach?

If you’re ready to learn more about how you grow your Startup with self-sustained, high impact development and value driven outcomes then please Contact Us. Tell us your known needs and goals now and we’ll arrange the rest.