Facilitated Workshops

FEATUR Labs interactive

FEATUR Labs interactive workshops are designed for virtual or classroom delivery, and are honed by our human-centred approach, to deliver impact to your experience. Filled with practical lessons and experience based learning, you will grow your problem solving tool kit, transform your ways of working and understand how to bring new skills into the workplace.

We offer fully bespoke workshop and training solutions in addition to our standard offerings. You, or your organisation, can choose to tailor an existing workshop or FEATUR Labs will work closely with your brief to build high impact deliverables.
For maximum effect we recommend combining workshops with our high quality self-guided learning pathways. Custom designed for exceptional quality in virtual learning, topics include:
Startup Business Strategy

Agile Fundamentals

From the beginning of your Agile journey all the way to mastery level practice, follow our Agile Fundamentals learning pathway to develop expertise in scrum master, product owner and agile leadership skills.
Startup Business Strategy

Business Agility

Harness change within your organisation to deliver value outcomes quickly, effectively and with impact through the Business Agility learning pathway.
Startup Business Strategy

Design Thinking

Solve complex problems, tap into the creative mindset and drive continuous delivery of human-centric products that meet your customer’s needs with the Design Thinking learning pathway.
Startup Business Strategy

Innovation & Strategy

Whether you’re a Startup or a global organisation, the Innovation & Strategy learning pathway will develop your ability to create radical ideas and deliver them effectively into the market place.

Build your creativity and professional performance by learning the skills and mindsets of Agile, Lean and Design Thinking.

Whether one-off or part of a long term learning journey, if you or your organisation would like to super charge your teams with the skills and mindset to excel, then please Contact Us. Tell us your needs and goals and we’ll arrange the rest.