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Innovation Training

Innovation has become the number one topic for businesses around the world, with the rise of the Age of Digital and ongoing market disruptors the choice has become innovation or failure. There has never been a better time to prepare yourself, your teams, or your business to unlock your innovation potential.
At FEATUR Labs we’ve combined are years of cross-industry experience with the latest thinking and practices in innovation to develop a human centric learning pathway that will take you from your first steps in understanding innovation theory all the way to advanced practices.
Supercharge your products, services and experiences for maximum market impact through experience based learning, unleash radical ideas and understand how to practically make them a reality.

Innovation Fundamentals

Recommended for both beginners and recognised innovators alike, this uniquely curated course brings together the remarkable theories and case studies of innovation and turns them into highly interactive content. Build connections between ideas and delivery, understand how to develop an innovation mindset and accelerate your own ability to creatively and effectively disrupt your market place.
This self-guided virtual course is combined with instructor led virtual classrooms, allowing you to self-pace your journey and have high impact returns in your ability to step up your knowledge and practices. Innovation isn’t just a word, it is a skill to master, and this course will start you on that journey.