What We Do

Growth and agility have become integral to every organisation, but particularly to Startups. Studies show that the rate at which industry leaders are being overtaken by more innovative market disruptors has more than doubled in a generation and appears to be accelerating all the time.
So it’s no surprise that more and more Startups are looking for the best possible ways to build lasting, high impact growth to challenge the market place.

At FEATUR Labs we believe the answer is through incorporating effective, interactive and powerful training as a foundation of generating a learning organisation. Traditionally this method has been less available to Startups, where time and cost can be a limiting factor in keeping your people at the cutting edge of your business.

Our learning pathways are custom developed with human centred design to maximise the impact to individuals and organisations while maintaining affordable and ongoing development. Training is self-paced and accessible virtually to ensure it is always available at the right time and at the right price.

We offer a range of pathways, which can be mixed and matched to meet the specific learning journeys of each individual within your business or customised into curated development to meet your goals.

By working closely with your people, we are able to support enhanced, self-guided study across:

Startup Business Strategy


From the beginning of your Agile journey all the way to mastery level practice, follow our Agile Fundamentals learning pathway to develop expertise in scrum master, product owner and agile leadership skills.
Startup Business Strategy

Business Strategy & Design

Harness growth within your Startup to deliver value outcomes quickly, effectively and with impact through the Business Agility learning pathway.
Startup Business Strategy

Design Thinking

Solve complex problems, tap into the creative mindset and drive continuous delivery of human-centric products that meet your customer’s needs with the Design Thinking learning pathway.
Startup Business Strategy


Whether you’re a Startup or a global organisation, the Innovation learning pathway will develop your ability to create radical ideas and deliver them effectively into the market place.
Startup Business Strategy


Leading in uncertainty can be one of the most challenging skills to master, our Leadership learning pathway develops the skills of an individual to be effective, innovative and strategic.
Our training supports a variety of existing roles; Business Analysts, Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Executives, Development Teams, Engineers, Product Owners and more.
Whether your business is looking for individual courses to support a specific niche training need or long term learning journeys, then please Contact Us. Tell us your needs and goals and we’ll arrange the rest.