Change Leadership




This is a dual accredited ICAgile and Intent-Based Leadership course; learners who successfully complete the course requirements will receive an ICP-BAF professional certification and a certificate in Intent-Based Leaderhip.

Kick start your journey to becoming a confident leader of change with this course, and take your first steps to mastery.

The course is divided into two sections:

Firstly, you’ll learn about the foundation practices of building a resilient organisation through team dynamics, adaptive planning, value based development, and iterative feedback cycles. You’ll deep dive into why change is important for innovation, and complete the course with sufficient knowledge to begin practising.

After understanding and practicing these elements you’ll move into how you as a leader can make simple changes in your behaviour to inspire change in your team and wider organisation.

The course is approximately 40 hours of learning time, and includes 10 hours of instructor classrooms spread over four virtual learning sessions. Join and learn at your own pace.